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    Hello, I am Coach Asanda

    Coach Asanda takes you to places you never knew you had in you;

    she will challenge you like never before; she will support you to be who you have always known you could be...

Change & Growth Facilitator

I am a firm believer in change as the beginning of all great achievements. Without change, there can never be growth and without the right frame of mind, change is impossible. I understand that change only happens when it is accompanied by courage and when you are uncomfortable with the status quo; it is my job to support you as you embark on this journey.

Courage & Humility

The moment you awaken to the potential that is your life, your career, your business, you understand that the desired state will not happen overnight. You also must understand that it takes courage and humility to be better. I live by this principle as I too work to better myself.


If it doesn’t have impact, it doesn’t have my attention! I work with individuals and organisations that are in it for the long haul. Short-term success does not interest me. Impact on the other hand gets me out of bed everyday! If you have one of those ‘crazy’ dreams, then we can partner.

ASANDA GCOYI Business & Personal Development Coach, Entrepreneur & Speaker

I currently work as the CEO of CB Talent, a talent development firm providing placement, coaching and graduate work readiness solutions to SMMEs, corporates as well as individuals in their personal capacity.

I have been coaching full time since 2013. When I completed my MBA studies in Asia, I knew I wanted a different way of life and work. I wanted to empower others in the same way I was empowered when I had a professional coach. So instead of going back to the corporate world, I decided to challenge myself to living my life as if ‘failure was not an option’, and I have not looked back ever since.

I am a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and Global Leader of the Future Assessor and an Inner Life Skills Master Coach. Through these methodologies I am able to both challenge and empower everyone I work with to reach their potential; be it advancing their career, achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life or growing their businesses. I am well versed in global practices without loosing the uniqueness that makes each and everyone of us unique. I have experience in China and the African continent, and I believe it is this unique understanding of the East and the West that puts me in a fortunate position to be able to see things differently and work with you to develop you and your teams (and working groups).

I have served as the Ethics Portfolio Chairperson, as well as being a member of the Governance Advisory Committee in Coaches and Mentors South Africa (COMENSA) the body that is accredited by SAQA to grow the coaching and mentoring profession in South Africa. Working with COMENSA, as well as contributing on SHE Leads Africa (an African platform that empowers women to run successful businesses as well as to advance their careers) has enabled me to not only share my experiences, but to also influence the world of business and coaching in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

I enjoy reading and sharing my experiences through speaking engagements, as I am driven by my calling to make a difference in the area of people development. I am a high performer and I challenge those who partner with me to not be comfortable with the status quo but to rather open themselves up to a world full of possibilities. Who better to do this than someone who lives by the motto, “everyday is a chance to be better and more fulfilled than yesterday!”

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