Part 6: No man is an island

No man is an island

Coach Asanda

Over the past couple of weeks, I have shared my experiences and learnings from the journey of transitioning into entrepreneurship. Central to my shares is the theme “I chose this route and it is only fitting that I treat it with the diligence and thoroughness it deserves”.

As I indicated on my last post, it is essential not to lose sight of the importance of learning as we embark on our entrepreneurial journey. As much as we want to create wealth, it is important to always remember what we have picked up along the way as this is what we need for what we still need to face to make a success of our endeavors.

Personally, I have learned more about myself this year than I have ever before. You see, when you have yourself as your ‘pick-me-up’, you have no choice but to understand yourself more fully. I have had to challenge my limiting beliefs about the importance of my limitations for the journey ahead, and accept that I have everything I need to go to the next level. I have had to ‘faith it’ till I birthed it in the mind and I have had to question myself on my motives a number of times.

One of the greatest learnings I have had this year is understanding the importance of a like-minded network. I enjoy networking with a purpose; meeting new people and genuinely exploring synergies. Once I made the decision to be very deliberate in my exploratories, I opened myself to many possibilities. I have connected with people who make me better; I have assisted people who genuinely need assistance; I have contracted people who are passionate about what they do; and I have told others about the people I have met.

I have met exceptional people in the course of my journey and they have taught me a lot about using others to realise my dreams. I used to think that because I could do it myself, I didn’t really need others but when you have a dream as big and scary as mine, you realise that you need an army to help you.

I appreciate all those who have contributed to my business and to me over this past year. I have grown immensely because of the influences of these individuals. I never would have imagined I could accomplish so much and be so fulfilled in a space of a year. As entrepreneurs, let us realise that we are no island, we cannot achieve big things working by ourselves. We cannot achieve legacy projects when we let our thoughts of competition get the best of us. Competition is healthy, but half the time it is not necessary because by virtue of being different people, so too will our offerings be.

Embrace partnerships and collaborations. Do not allow a competitive mindset to limit the growth potential of your dream. Trust yourself and trust others more.

Transitioning into entrepreneurship "THE END".