Make the Last Few Weeks Of 2015 Count For Your Business

Make the Last Few Weeks Of 2015 Count For Your Business

Coach Asanda

For some of us the next seven weeks are crucial. As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that result with late payment of invoices. I understand the pressure of meeting sales targets. I understand the repercussions of not invoicing for a particular month and it is painful.

So for the remainder of 2015, I would like to urge fellow entrepreneurs to give it all they have. The year may have been challenging but you still have a chance to end it on a high note. I’m not talking about financial rewards, but rather attitude. As many lazily look to the festive season, some of us are putting the final touches to kick start 2016 on a super high. As a coach, I’m looking forward to the beginning of the year; it is after all the best time to sign up new clients. Those with grand plans for the year will be on the look out for professionals like myself to help them start the year on a positive note.

My human capital business will also start the year on a high. After employees have dusted their December bonuses, they are ready to look for new, more challenging opportunities elsewhere. The beginning of the year is not the time to plan for me but rather the time to activate plans made now!

What can you be doing now to get you to be activation ready at the beginning of the year? Maybe nothing can be done simply by virtue of your industry, but the mental preparation, the prioritisation exercises and the purposeful goals can do with an early start. So, “what should I be doing”? you may be asking? Below I have my top five tips on what you ought to be doing/thinking as an entrepreneur in the next seven weeks:

  • 1. List the top 5 greatest achievements you’ve had as a business;
  • 2. List the top five greatest learnings you’ve had as a business owner;
  • 3. Look at all areas of your business and decide which one can enable you to end on a high (idea: could you show appreciation to your staff? Could you share & educate your clients more? Could you re-invest 30% back into the business instead of 20%?)
  • 4. What are the top three priorities for the first quarter of next year and how can you start prepping for them?
  • 5. What would you do in the next week for your business if you were NOT afraid?

Answer these as honestly as you can and you will give yourself a positive end to the year and an even better start to the next one.

Let that entrepreneurial spirit burning in you DRIVE you!