Part 1: Entertaining that Small Voice

Part 1: Entertaining that Small Voice

Coach Asanda

Have you heard that little voice telling you are in the wrong area of work? You know that voice that constantly speaks to you and depending on what it says, your attention to it either sharpens or diminishes? Have you been entertaining that voice that says to you it’s time to go it alone? If you know what I’m talking about, I urge you to read on!

The seed gets planted in us long before we even realise our ambitions. The idea of being your own boss is appealing to a number of people for a number of reasons, mainly:

  • Doing what you like as opposed to working hard to fulfill someone elses' dream.
  • The perceived financial rewards,
  • When you are legacy driven.
  • The flexibility of your schedule, etc
  • But even with the attractive points above, making the decision is far from easy. I’d even venture to say, for some it is thee most difficult decision they have ever had to make (myself included)! The lure of this route also comes with warnings:
  • There is no certainty that you will make it.
  • It is a humongous risk, especially when you have a family.
  • The financial rewards might not come (atleast not in the time you’re expecting them).
  • Leaving security (job) for an uncertain endeavour can be crippling for some.
  • You might not have support (emotional and financial).
  • Sacrifice is the name of the game!

Yes you’ve considered all these, you might be saying and yet the voice will not shut up! What now?

Once you’ve done a ‘sober-minded’ analysis of the pros and cons of both the full time job and the small business, and you still want to explore further, then your forward thinking and planning needs to kick in.

I work with individuals in these kinds of situations and before we even get to the stage of quitting the job to run a business, I always insist we cover the following by asking these questions:

  • If we lived in a perfect world, and we fast-forward to five years and you have achieved your biggest goal where your profession is concerned; what will you be doing?
    1. What impact do you have in your community, in your country and the world as a whole?
    2. How do you feel about your achievements?
  • Back to the present: What do you have do to get to your five year milestone?
    1. Why is it important for you to realise this goal?
    2. What should you be doing NOW to work towards it?

These are some of the questions we go through that ensure that as you plan for your exit, you are already actioning tasks that will lead you closer to success! Entertain that small voice; it will not lead you astray.

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