One-on-one Coaching Programs

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions face-to-face as well as via Skype, depending on the need. I work with individuals who are not satisfied with average, individuals who have a track record of success and who want to take their success to new levels. When you make the decision to accelerate your growth, I’m here to make sure it happens! I have different packages on offer depending on the need. Send me an email and let’s see how I can support you.

Entrepreneurship Accelerator Coaching Programs

I offer various packages to entrepreneurs in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. When you are starting out, the challenges are different to when you have a team to consider. I work with you at early, sustainability and growth accelerator phase; just make contact with me to discuss how I can support your vision. Businesses do not build themselves! You make it happen. Partner with me and realise you business ambitions.

Employee Development Coaching for Small Business Programs

I support small businesses with their employee engagement initiatives. Are your employees not as productive as you’d like them to be? Is motivation at an all time low? Or are you having trouble getting the best out of them? If you answer yes to any of these, then it is time I took over your employee development while you focus on your main priority; running the business! While we at it, our team at CB Talent can recruit the right kind of talent for a small growing business.

Corporate Coaching Programs

As a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and Global Leader of the Future Assessor, I offer one-on-one coaching to organisations for individuals identified as high potentials; for managers as well as executives. I also offer team coaching sessions in a range of areas, i.e. dealing with change (and transitions); building effective & efficient teams; creating a workplace for ALL; boosting performance, etc. If you have an idea of what you would like to achieve in your workplace, make contact with me and we can tailor the right kind of intervention for your organisation

Tailored Workshops

Through CB Talent we design and facilitate talent development programs. Our workshops are tailored to the clients needs and are premised on the organisation’s values and principles. Note that workshops vary in length ranging from 3hour session to two-day sessions.


I offer 60 -90 minute speaking engagements. Each message is tailored to the needs of the client. Enquire today. (link to email address) .